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Frequently Asked Questions

The Brazil Lines packs all the furniture, dishes and clothes?

Yes, we pack all furniture and electronics. Also we packed clothes, crockery, kitchen items and decorative items in cardboard boxes of various sizes.

If I prefer to anticipate the packing boxes in Brazil Lines provides the material?

Yes, just schedule us to receive the packaging material. You should get together a guide with basic instructions to pack the boxes.

The Brazil Lines disassembles and assembles my furniture?

Yes, our staff specialize in furniture assembly. Just do not perform disassembly and new furniture assembly in the box and customized furniture.

The Brazil Lines offers safe to carry my belongings?

Yes, provided it be declared Until one (01) days Before you begin the service.

If there is any furniture that is not possible to remove or walk in the door, elevator or stairs. The Brazil Lines are lifting?

The Brazil Lines has equipment and specialized personnel to perform this type of service. Ask a technical visit to assess local conditions.

The Brazil Lines works with boxes wardrobe?

Yes, the garment is carefully packed in boxes with clothes rack (wardrobe).

I have some fragile / Special items (mirror, frame, marble top / granite / glass, decorative object). The Brazil Lines pack these items?

Yes, Brazil Lines manufactures custom packaging timber for packaging fragile / special items.

The Brazil Lines is moving to any country in the world?

Yes, Brazil Lines is ready to transport your goods to any city, in any country of the world.

The Brazil Lines takes care of everything from packaging in Brazil until delivery of my move in another country?

Yes, we handle all the details.

How do I know I'll need documentation so that my goods are exported?

The Brazil Lines inform and provide the necessary documentation.

The Brazil Lines can also watch me to the representation of suitable transport insurance?


I'm moving to Brazil. The Brazil Lines can help me from origin abroad?

Yes, we have partners in all continents. We perform the move of door to door service.

Can I bring food and some new toiletries without paying taxes?

No. This type of new item will be taxable, since it can be purchased in Brazil.

Can I bring my car to Brazil?

Only diplomat on mission for your country can bring your car to Brazil.

I can take computers, TV and stereo?

Yes. The amount depends on the number of family members.

Can I bring alcohol?

Only a few open bottles, which are in use. We recommend not bring any alcohol.

How long do I have to bring my move after arriving in Brazil?

The legislation allows a maximum of six months between the arrival of the owner of the move and its belongings to the country.

Can I bring my move to Brazil in more than one shipment separately?

It may, but this treatment requires a specific document. The Lines Brazil is ready to take care of everything.

I'm a foreigner. I can also take my change?

Yes, provided you have specific visas as legislation.

The Brazil Lines carries only furniture or also makes transportation of documents and equipment?

Yes, Brazil Lines carries any items of any size and dimensions, including documents.

The Brazil Lines may perform services in night schedule and / or weekends, holidays?

Yes, Brazil Lines suits the client's needs, making a pre-planning according to your required specifications.

The company carries out disassembly and assembly workstations?

Yes, Brazil Lines can perform assembly and disassembly of workstations. In case of new stations, we recommend hiring the vendor itself to avoid loss of warranty.

The company organizes and separates the documents and property of every employee in origin and places them on the workstations at the delivery point?

Yes, Brazil Lines takes upon himself all the work avoiding any effort or loss of customer employees' time, giving the workstations exactly as found in the source or as desired by the customer.

There is some kind of supervision following services?

Yes, throughout the service for operational supervision, as well as supervision of the sales representative, thus ensuring that everything that was requested by the client during the period of engagement is delivered to perfection by our operational staff.

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